Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 24, 1832

Page 2 Column 5a


The last Missouri Republican states that on the 16th ult. a Treaty was concluded at Rock Island with the Winnebago Indians, by which they cede to the United States all the lands south and east of the Wisconsin and the Fox River of Green Bay, amounting to nearly 5,000,000 acres for which they are to receive an annuity of $10,000 for twenty seven years. A school is also to be established and maintained among them during the same period, at an expense not to exceed $3,000 annually; and they are moreover to be supplied with agricultural improvements, oxen, 'c. of the yearly value of $2,600 until the expiration of the same term. There is likewise granted them a tract of country called the 'Neutral Ground' extending 40 miles along the west bank of the Mississippi, and running back 70 miles; and they are on their part to deliver up nine of their warriors who stand charged with having murdered unoffending white citizens.

A Treaty has been also concluded with the Sac and Fox Indians; by which they cede to the United States to defray the expenses of the war, and for the security of the frontier, a tract of country extending along the Mississippi about 300 miles, and running west of that river about 53 miles, with the exception of a reservation of 20 miles square, embracing the principal villages on the Ioway (sic). They are to receive by way of compensation for this territory, an annuity of $20,000 for thirty years; and a black smith is to be maintained among them during that same period. Provisions for immediate use, and 6,000 bushels of corn to be delivered in April next, are likewise to be furnished them. Black Hawk and sundry other Chiefs, are to be detained as hostages, for the good conduct of their followers during the pleasure of the President; and no warrior or brave of the hostile band is to be permitted in future to exercise any authority whatever in the Nation.