Cherokee Phoenix

From Poulson's Advertiser

Published November, 3, 1832

Page 3 Column 3a

From Poulson's Advertiser.


This day's vote may frustrate the evil designs of those who would at one fell swoop drive the Indians into the Pacific Ocean.

Then let us go to the polls and vote the whole Anti-Jackson ticket, particularly for Ritner; by so doing we may be the means of turning out Jackson and his retainers, and in their room elect men who will act with good faith towards the Indians.

The aboriginal nations are not looking to us as to their last hope-our neglecting to vote may seal their fate, and brand our country with infamy.

We,the people of the United States, and GEORGIA in particular, have no more right to the Cherokee lands and gold mines than we have to the mines of Golconda!!



From the New York Journal of Commerce

Governor Lumpkin, of Georgia, has announced by Proclamation, that the drawing of the Cherokee lands and gold mines, by lottery, will commence on the 22d of October. Tell it not in Algiers, publish it not in the streets of Constantinople, lest traitors and pirates cry out with horror at the injustice-lest it cover our nation with infamy.