Cherokee Phoenix


Published October, 27, 1832

Page 1 Column 5b


From the Washington Globe


Copy of a letter to the Editor dated

U. S. Indian Agency at Prairie du Chien, 3d. Sept. 1832

F.P. Blair, Esq.

Dear Sir: The Indian War is over. The celebrated leaders of the hostile Indians, Black Hawk and The Prophet, were delivered to me at this place on the 27th ult. by the Winnebagoes of my Agency. The day after Generals Scott and Atkinson left this place, I sent out two parties of Winnebagoes to bring Black Hawk, The Prophet and Niapope to me. They returned the 27th ult. about 10 or 11 o'clock, and delivered the two first. The same day I turned them over to Col. Taylor, commanding Fort Crawford, and expect to accompany them with a military escort to the Headquarters of General Scott, at Rock Island, in a day or two.

I am now waiting the return of an express sent up the Mississippi by which I expect to receive about 50 or 60 more prisoners, taken by the Indians. There is(sic) now 48 in the Fort, delivered to me by the Winnebagoes of my Agency, and I have previously delivered to General Atkinson 48 prisoners taken by the Winnebagoes and Menomenees.

From the moment the hostile Indians entered the limits of my Agency by crossing the Wisconsin with the aid of the Commanding Officer at this Fort, I assembled the Indians of my Agency, and encamped them before my door, where they remained until the battle of the Mississippi, and the rout of the hostile Indians.

I herewith cover to you an account of the delivery of Black Hawk and The Prophet to me.

Your most Obedient servant.