Cherokee Phoenix


Published September, 29, 1832

Page 3 Column 3b


From the Montgomery, Ala. Gazette.

RESISTANCE,- Mr. Crawford the Marshal for the Southern District of Alabama was a short time since resisted by a portion of the white settlers in the Creek Nation, while attempting to carry into effect the Proclamation of the President of the United States, ordering an immediate removal of intruders out of the limits of the same. It appears that certain citizens formerly residents of the lower part of this State, under the impression that they would be shielded by the 'Sovereignty of the State,' made it convenient to build a town on Indian lands, and to name it Erwinton. Upon the Marshal arriving at the spot, he distinctly informed them that they had acted in direct violation of the instructions he had received from the executive, and requested them peaceably to leave. They refused to comply with his request, and threatened him with their vengeance.

In a short time after, a detachment of the Federal troops under the command of a Lieutenant were marched from Fort Mitchell to the spot, and the town consumed by fire. Upon the news of the conflagration, a process was issued against the Lieutenant who commanded on the occasion, for the purpose of bringing him before the civil authorities of Pike County, for a violation of the laws of the State. The Deputy Sheriff attempted to execute the precess, and in the attempt was pierced by a federal bayonet to such an extent that his life-life is despaired of-and so ended the matter. A few days ago the Marshal left Wetumpkie for the white settlements in the upper part of the Creek territory. What has there been done we know not. So much for the doctrine of Nullification when put into practice.