Cherokee Phoenix

From the (Lexington, Ky.) Observer and Reporter

Published September, 29, 1832

Page 3 Column 3c

From the (Lexington, Ky.) Observer and Reporter

On the 23d the Courier and Enquirer, announced, the withdrawal of Mr. NOAH from that establishment, Mr. WEBB having purchased his interest. An address of some length to the public by mr. Webb also appears in the Courier and Enquirer of this date, in which the writer, after explaining the causes which have induced him to adopt this course, denounces Gen. Jackson, and avows a determination to oppose his re-election to the Presidency. We regret that we have not room in our columns for the address. It is well written, and deeply interesting. The following are the closing paragraphs.

'I cannot conclude this paper, long as it is already, without again calling upon the honest patriots of the country to pause and reflect upon the value of our constitution, and the certain destruction that awaits that sacred instrument if ANDREW JACKSON should be re-elected and the government fall into the hands of a faction in Albany by reason of their coadjutors about the person of the President. Let them rally for the preservation of what is justly and admiration of the world-let them preserve unimpaired the rich legacy won by the valor of our fathers and consecrated to the sacred cause of restoring to mankind their natural and unalienable rights. To the PEOPLE to the DEMOCRACY of the Union generally I would say--look to the currency of the country--Of the Farmers , the Mechanics, the Manufacturers and Merchants of the Union, I would ask--are you prepared to see our currency destroyed,and one general scene of distress pervade every quarter of our flourishing country? Of the DEMOCRACY of New York, I would enquire-are you prepared by voting for the re-election of ANDREW JACKSON to place for years, the destinies of this great state in the hands of a few leaders in Albany, who speculate upon your wants, deride your complaints; and govern you with a rod or iron through a chain of local Banks and the application to party purposes of the Finances of the State?

'It may abe asked, and with propriety, why I have delayed this declaration of my principles and my future course. The answer if a plain one. Mr. Noah was equally interested with myself in the proprietorship of the Courier ' Enquirer,and differing as we do in our relations to General Jackson, I could not act through the columns of our paper until his interest was extinguished; but on the day that the Veto Message was received, I openly declared my determination never to advocate the re-election of Andrew Jackson to the Presidency. On this subject, therefore, there has been no concealment, and having succeeded in purchasing Mr. Noah's moiety of the establishment, I have frankly, fearlessly and honestly devoted it to the cause of principle and to the preservation of the constitution of the country.