Cherokee Phoenix


Published September, 22, 1832

Page 2 Column 1b


At the next session of the Supreme Court, application will no doubt be made on behalf of the imprisoned Georgia Missionaries for further process out of that court, to enforce the decision by which their imprisonment has been declared illegal. The court will no doubt order the Marshal for the District of Georgia, to release the prisoners, or take some active step towards their deliverance. Nothing, however, can be done without force. Force on the part of the United States, will be forcibly resisted by the authorities of Georgia; and nothing can carry into effect the decision and sustain the dignity of the court, except the active and immediate support of the Supreme Executive.

But General Jackson has great gifts in the legal way. He construes the Constitution for himself, and scorns to take the interpretation of the court. In his opinion are wrong and Georgia is right. What support than can be expected from General Jackson? What aid to a tribunal which he abhors? What assistance towards enforcing a sentence, which he in his wisdom pronounces unjust and unconstitutional? None-we may safely answer-none.

And we might pray (sic) are ourselves to lament the disgrace, and the destruction of the Supreme Court; and this regulator, this balance wheel of the Constitution laid aside, we might anticipate that the Constitution itself would run to ruin-were it not for one consideration of no little importance-viz: General Jackson will not be re-elected.

General Jackson will not be re-elected. The Supreme Court then is safe. The Constitution is safe, the country safe. With an able, trustworthy President we shall be able to weather any storm. It is only when our pilot is inefficient, and false to his duty, that our ship is in danger. It is only when the management of the vessel is usurped by a gang of piratical plunderers, whose object is to complete the voyage, but to enrich themselves, that shipwreck is probable. With Clay for our commander, we need not fear any tempest.

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