Cherokee Phoenix


Published August, 4, 1832

Page 2 Column 2b


The difficulties which exist on our frontier settlements have, since the introduction of the Cholera into this country, ceased to excite as much interest in the public mind as formerly manifested. Still, if we place any reliance upon the intelligence received from the West in regard to these disturbances tranquility is far from being restored in that quarter. We have received an account of an engagement which took place on the evening of the 13th ult. between a body of Indians, three or four thousand strong, and troops under the command of Gen. Atkinson whose force was about one third less. The Indians were defeated, with three hundred killed. Our loss is estimated at 125. The engagement is said to have taken place in the neighborhood of Dixon's Ferry on Rock River. The situation of the inhabitants of Illinois is said to be 'deplorable in the extreme; hundreds of fields will remain uncultivated the present season for the want of seed corn.'

Cleveland Herald.