Cherokee Phoenix

From the Home Missionary

Published August, 4, 1832

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From the Home Missionary


At Sault St. Marie

Among those who give evidence of a saving change, are two or three converted Indian young men. In conversation with one of them, 17 years old, I asked him how he used to feel before he heard of the Christian's God and the Christian's Savior? He replied, 'when I was a boy, very small, as we were moving from one hunting ground to another, the old men used to collect the children at night,and spend the evening in telling them what they had heard from their fathers. One thing they told us was, that the Great Spirit, who made heaven and earth,and made all the people on the earth, would one day destroy all that he had made. This made me feel very bad, and I would go away and lay down, and cover my head in my blanket, and cry all night, and could not sleep. Sometimes I would wish I never had been made if I could live only a few days, and then must die. But now since I have heard of the true God, and of the Savior and of heaven; and since I have loved God I am willing to live while God has anything for me to do, and I am not afraid to die, for I hope then to be with God and the Savior. My friends laugh at me because I pray, and try to tell them what I have heard about love God; but I do not mind that; I cannot help but pity them, and pray more. And when I think of my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, who do not God, I feel so bad I cannot help crying and going away and praying for them.'

Having proceeded thus far, I said to him, I am soon to write to my friends; have you any word you wish me to say to them? 'Yes' replied he, 'tell them I am glad that God has sent you to my people; and I wish you to ask your friends to pray for me, that I may love God more, and that he will give me a new heart to serve him till I die. I am only a little child, very small, very weak; his eyes are just open; he is just getting up and learning to stand; he can only walk a little; he has heard a little, and he knows only a little. But your friends have always heard of God; they know to pray for me.'