Cherokee Phoenix

From the Knoxville Register

Published July, 7, 1832

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From the Knoxville Register.

With emotions of sorrow, we announce the afflicting death of Lient. Philip R. Vanwych, late one of the Corps of United States Engineers under the command of Col. Long now engaged in making a survey of the Tennessee River. On the 6th inst. in an attempt while bathing, to swim through the 'Boiling Pot' about an 100 miles below this place, the current it seems, was too powerful for his resistance; it forced him under, and ushered him into eternity. His body was seen to rise once only, but immediately disappeared and had not been found when we last heard from there.

SUCK PORT, Wednesday

June 6, 19832

Mr. F. S. Heiskell:- I hasten to inform you that Mr. Philip R. Vanwych, one of the assistant Engineers, engaged in the survey of the Tennessee River is no more-he was drowned in the Boiling Pot this evening about five o'clock.

He had been engaged during the day in running a line on the margin of the river, between the Suck and Boiling Pot, in company with Mr. Hentzelman, another assistant Engineer; and after having finished their day's work, Mr. Vanwych undertook to swim through the Boiling Pot, but unfortunately met an untimely grave. After passing through the swiftest part of the current, he was caught in one of the whirls below; feeling the danger of his situation he called for assistance, when his companion, Mr. Hentzelman, seized a plank, there being no canoe convenient, and plunged into the river for his assistance; but before he could reach him, he had sunk to rise no more.

From the acquaintance I have formed with Mr. Vanwych in descending the river to this place, I take pleasure n testifying to his worth. He was an extremely interesting gentlemanly, and intelligent young man, and an ornament to his profession; he was high minded, honorable, and enterprising.

Mr.Vanwych was a citizen of New Jersey, where he has left a widowed mother and other relatives to mourn his untimely loss.

In great hast, your ob't serv't

S. D. Jacobs.

P.S. We are now preparing to hunt for the body of poor Vanwych, which has not been seen since it disappeared. God only knows whether he will succeed; but I trust we will.