Cherokee Phoenix

It appears that the United States troops under Gen. Atkinson, left Jefferson barracks on the 8th of

Published June, 2, 1832

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It appears that the United States troops under Gen. Atkinson, left Jefferson barracks on the 8th of April, and arrived at Rock Island, where the murders of Menominees were committed on the 12th. On the 13th Gen. A. held a talk with Keskuck, the head man, and about 70 young men who were there encamped, and demanded the murderers of the Menominees. Keskuck denied that his men had been concerned in the murders, and said he was unable to give up the offenders because they had joined the Prophet's band,and were chiefs there. He seems disposed to do everything in his power to settle the difficulties existing between the Indians and the whites, but it is believed that his efforts will not be of much use. Gen. Atkinson recognizes him as the proper and legitimate head of the Sac and Fox Indians, and therefore asked hostages from his band until the murderers could be taken; but he seemed to think that inasmuch as the murders were not committed by his band,it hardly belonged to him to give hostages, and the general did not urge the point. Keskuck has already lost a good deal of power in consequence of his friendship for the whites, and would seem hard to urge him to a step which would diminish the small influence he now possesses. We have good reason to believe that he was not all concerned in creating the disturbances which now exist; but on the contrary he has used his best efforts to prevent them.

The Prophet (a Winnebago) is the chief instigator of the present difficulties, and he is seconded in the nefarious schemes by Black Hawk.- These two Indians, with their followers are now near the spot whence Hawk was removed last summer. I believe the Prophet was not a party to the treaty made by Gen Gaines, but Black Hawk was in fact one of the principals, and he has boldly violated it, and it is high time that he received the meed of his faithfulness.- Columbian Cen.