Cherokee Phoenix


Published April, 14, 1832

Page 4 Column 5b


The party of emigrating Choctaws, noticed in our last, is being encamped in this vicinity, left for their new homes in the Red River country on Wednesday evening last, under the charge of Col. Samuel M. Rutherford, Special Agent in the Removal and Subsistence of Indians. This party consists of about 200 souls, and is the last party that is expected to pass through this place during the present season. The emigration will re-commence next autumn.

A gentleman who arrived here yesterday morning from the vicinity of Cantonment Towson in the Red River section of the Choctaw country, informs us, that the party of emigrants who left here on the 29th Dec. last, in charge of Lieut. Ryan, had reached their destination, and appeared to be well pleased with their country, so far as they had seen it. The party which left here in charge of Col. Rector, on the 28th ult., were passed on this side of the Caddo, waiting for a recent rise in that stream to subside sufficiently for them to cross it. And Col. Rutherford's party was passed in Hot Spring County, about 30 miles on this side of Col. Rector's party, progressing very well.