Cherokee Phoenix

From the Georgia Journal, of March 15

Published April, 14, 1832

Page 2 Column 2c

From the Georgia Journal, of March 15


We submit the following letter just received from a man whose opinion on all great occasions will always be listened to in Georgia with affectionate and confiding interest:

WASHINGTON, 5th March, 1832

Dear Sir:- The people of Georgia will receive with indignant feelings, as they ought, the recent decision of the Supreme Court, so flagrantly violative of their sovereign rights. I hope the people will treat it, however, as becomes them; with moderation -dignity and firmness; and so threaten it, Georgia will be unhurt by what will prove it to be a brutum fulmen. The Judges know you will not yield obedience to their mandates, and they may desire pretexts for the enforcements of them which I trust you will not give. The Chief Magistrate of the United States will perform all his duties but he will not lend himself to party to perform more. He will, if I mistake not, defend the sovereignty of the State as he would the sovereignty of the Union; and if the blow be aimed equally at him and at us; it would be ungenerous by an improvident act of ours to make him the victim of our common enemy. The jurisdiction claimed over one portion of our population may very soon be asserted by another; and in both cases they will be sustained by the fanatics of the North. Very soon, things must come to their worst; and if in the last resort we need defenders; we will find them everywhere among the honest men of the country; whom a just and wise conduct will rally to our banner-for the rest we care nothing.

Dear Sirs, very respectfully yours,