Cherokee Phoenix

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10--It will be recollected that Maj. Stanford, U. S. Indian Agent, left this place a

Published January, 28, 1832

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ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10--It will be recollected that Maj. Stanford, U. S. Indian Agent, left this place about a year ago for the purpose of visiting some of the remote tribes of Indians inhabiting the country beyond the Mandan villages, on the Missouri River and its waters. Maj. S. had received instructions from the War Department in the summer of 1830 to make a tour through the country in question, with a view to invite a few of the principal of each tribe of Indians inhabiting that remote region to accompany him to Washington City, under a belief that it would have a favorable effect upon those nations, who are altogether ignorant of the power and Wealth of the United States; and who have never had any intercourse with the whites other than Hudson Bay and North West Companies, and such of our own traders as have recently extended business to that remote section of the country.

Maj. Stanford has just returned to this place after an absence of twelve months; and in fulfilling the instruction of the Department, has encountered much risk and privation. It is gratifying to see, that he has met with success in this arduous undertaking, and but for the circumstances of a part of the deputation assembled by him, having been frightened by some unfavorable reports respecting the small pox, which is now raging among some of the tribes along our western borders, and turned back in consequence, his instructions would have been entirely fulfilled. This is the more to be regretted from the fact of their having passed safely through all the enemies from which they apprehended danger, which was the principal objective they made to accompanying Maj. S.; and which he had great difficulty in removing. He is however accompanied by three of the most distinguished men from the Creek or K___teneaux, Sotue, and Assimboir or Stone nations and will proceed with them immediately to Washington City.