Cherokee Phoenix


Published January, 21, 1832

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Writs of Error have been allowed by Judge Baldwin of the U. States Supreme Court; upon the proceedings of the State of Georgia in the cases of S. A. Worcester and Elizure Butler, the missionaries who are now imprisoned in the Georgia Penitentiary. The Governor of Georgia fumes and raves and talks about resisting the mandates of the Supreme Court. We shall see. We rejoice in the hope that the foul stigma brought upon our national honor and character by the administration in relation to the Cherokee Indians and the missionaries who are now in the Penitentiary will yet be wiped away. It must not be forgotten that when first arrested Mr. Worcester was discharged by the Court on the ground that he was an officer of the United States, being a deputy Post Master in the Cherokee Nation.

When this decision was known at Washington, Mr. Worcester was removed. He was then arrested a second time, and sentenced to the Penitentiary. Georgia may bluster but the decision of the court will be enforced. Even Gen. Jackson dare not disregard his oath, and refuse obedience to its mandate. He will find that there is yet a power in the Union which will interpose its authority to prevent the laws and treaties of the United States from being 'abrogated.'----Id. ( Hamilton Intelligencer)