Cherokee Phoenix


Published January, 21, 1832

Page 4 Column 5c


RUNAWAY from the subscriber about the last of October a Negro Woman by the name of Lucy about 35 years of age-tall slim-built and tolerable like, two of her upper front teeth out-speaks very broken English-having been raised in the Cherokee Nation-speaks the Cherokee Language. She formerly belonged to Moses Paris a resident of the Nation and it is probable that she is now somewhere in that section of Country. I will give the above reward to $20, for her delivery to me in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County and all reasonable expenses paid if she is found in the limits of the nation and if found in the County of Gwinnett or any adjoining County half that sum.

7 Jan. 1832.




A certain note of hand given by THOS. STARR to MAJOR RIDGE, for fifty dollars, dated sometime in the fall of 1826, and due on the 25th day of December following. I hereby forewarn all persons from trading for said note.

New Echota Jan. 17th 1832