Cherokee Phoenix


Published December, 17, 1831

Page 2 Column 2a


'Whereas the Rev. Samuel A. Worcester a member of this Presbytery and a missionary in that part of the Cherokee Nation included in the chartered limits of Georgia, has been arrested and sentenced to four years hard labor in the penitentiary, for remaining within the aforesaid chartered limits without taking the oath of allegiance to the State of Georgia.

'Therefore Resolved,

That we as a Presbytery sympathize with our brother and his family in all their afflictions; and will unite our ardent prayers, that God's grace may sustain and comfort them under all their trials, that they may extricate the spirit of the gospel, and that our dear brother may soon be liberated and again permitted to labor in the vineyard of Christ.'

'Ordered that the Stated clerk to forward a copy of this preamble and resolution to Mrs. Worcester and family.'

Knoxville, Oct. 5th 1831

The above is a true extract from the minutes of Union Presbytery.


Stated Clerk.

The following is an extract of a letter accompanying the resolution; addressed to Mrs. Worcester.

The foregoing preamble and resolution is in unison with the feelings of thousands in this as well as other parts of the country, could the noise of a majority were in Tennessee be heard. I verily believe that the Cherokees and their missionaries would soon receive that protection which they ask. I am more than ever encouraged in the belief that there is a redeeming spirit in this Christian republic, which will soon put a stop to the present measures of oppression.