Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 19, 1831

Page 3 Column 2b


The President's Health. The friends of the President will be gratified to learn, that he has recovered entirely from the attack with which he was visited. Previously to his illness he suffered occasionally with headache. The treatment for the epidemic seems to have renovated his health in every respect, and it is now more perfect than it has been for several years.--Globe.

Georgia Products.-- We are informed that a wagon arrived yesterday from Walton County, laden with cotton, cow hides, chestnuts and gold, all the produce of that county.--Savannah Georgian.

A North Carolina paper says 'A gentleman now resident of Georgia, but formally a resident of this State, informs us that he weighed on the 28th ult. a single piece of gold, found nine miles northwest of Clarksville, on the waters of the Souquee, which weighed seven hundred and fifteen pennyweights! $645. He also states that he weighed the proceeds of eleven hands, for two days, employed in Samuel Hughe's mine, which amounted to 1100 dwt. which sold for $1,000!'

The 'Vigilance Association of Columbia.' (South Carolina,) composed of gentlemen of the first respectability, have offered a reward of fifteen hundred dollars for the apprehension and prosecution to conviction, of any white persons who may be detected in distributing or circulating within that state, the newspaper, called 'The Liberator,' printed in Boston, or the pamphlet called 'Walker's Pamphlet,' or any other publication of a seditious tendency.