Cherokee Phoenix


Published August, 27, 1831

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Of the Arkansas Cherokee Temperance Society.

It is with deepest feelings of sorrow and regret that we view the general prevalence of the intemperate use of ardent spirits in our Nation. Intemperance among our people we regard as the greatest evil they suffer, and the most destructive enemy that even warred against the Nation. In almost every part of our land we see the desolations, and neglected fields, the ruined families and the prostrated victims of this merciless destroyer. While we mourn over these sad effects of intemperance among our people, we feel ourselves called upon by all that is dear to our Nation and people, to arise and unite our influence and efforts to banish this destructive evil from our land, leaving it to the wise policy of our National Council to enact such laws as may be expedient for the suppression of intemperance. We believe that much may be done towards the same good object by the influence of example and persuasion. Therefore we propose the organization of a society among ourselves with this constitution, viz:

Art. 1. This society shall be denominated the Arkansas Cherokee Temperance Society.'

Art. 2. The object of this society shall be to discourage intemperance in our Nation by example and persuasion.

Art. 3 The members of this society promise ' engage to each other that, except in cases of sickness they will not use spirituous liquor themselves, nor keep it for use in their families; that they will not taste it when offered by friends, nor furnish it to their friends, or workmen on any occasion; and that they will take every favorable opportunity to speak to others of the evil of intemperance, and persuade them to live temperate lives.

Art. 4 The officers of this society shall be a President, two Vice presidents, a Secretary and a Board of five Directors, who shall be chosen annually and perform all the duties customarily performed by such officers.

Art. 5. This society shall meet annually at such places as may be designated by previous meetings. Occasional meetings may be convened by the officers and Directors.

Art. 6. This constitution may be altered or amended at any regular meeting by a vote of two thirds of the members present.

Art. 7. All who wish to becomes members of this society must subscribe to this Constitution at some public meeting of the society.