Cherokee Phoenix

Painsville Tel

Published June, 4, 1831

Page 3 Column 3a

Painsville Tel.

Memphis, May 19

Fatal Accident-- The steamboat Coosa was sunk on Saturday night last, by running foul of the Huntress a short distance below New Madrid, seven lives were lost, together with the entire boat and cargo. The Coosa was ascending the river, and the Huntress coming down, and such was the violence of the shock, occasioned by their meeting, that the former boat was broken entirely in two, and sunk in a few seconds. Those who were drowned were, at the time of the accident, asleep on the lower deck, and were carried down with the boat before any assistance should be rendered them.

The blame seems to rest with the pilot who was on duty at the time on board the Coosa. The Huntress remained with the wreck until 12 o'clock the next day, and rendered every assistance to the survivors which their situation required.

Since the Penitentiary was burnt, several of the convicts, for whom there was not profitable pork within the walls, have been employed, under a guard, in quarrying rock on the town common, to build the cells for their solitary confinement. One of this number named Hezekiah Williams, sent from Wilkinson County for man slaughter, having attempted to make his escape on Tuesday, and not stopping when required to do so by the guard, was fired on and killed. If the circumstances are correctly reported, the shooting of the convict was absolutely necessary to prevent his escape, and perfectly justifiable.--Southern Recorder