Cherokee Phoenix


Published May, 14, 1831

Page 3 Column 3a



We have the pleasure to announce the arrival of the steamboat Knoxville. She greeted our shore on Monday last, at 11 o'clock, amid the firing cannon and the joyful congratulations of an immense crowd of spectators assembled to witness the pleasing spectacle. Joy seemed to beam from every countenance, and it was gratifying in passing along, to hear the expression of what seemed to be the universal impressions, that this was the dawn of a new era in the annals of East Tennessee.

The boat passed the town in handsome style, fell down again near the ferry landing, and came to a place prepared for the purpose. Here Dr. King delivered to Col. Ramsey an appropriate address, which we are enabled to present to our readers today, together with the colonel's reply, which was delivered on board the boat.

Opinion of the Supreme Court.-- Finding in the Cherokee Phoenix a copy of the interesting opinion of the Supreme Court, on the application of the Cherokee Nation for a writ of Injunction against the State of Georgia, and, presuming the copy to be an accurate one, we lay it before our readers. The attentive reader will perceive how closely it corresponds, in every particular, with the impressions of its import which, soon after hearing it delivered, we endeavored to communicate to our readers. The correspondent of the Richmond Enquirer, who questioned the accuracy of our statement will now discover that it was he, and not we, who misunderstood the decision of the Court.--