Cherokee Phoenix

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Published March, 26, 1831

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five column format

Which horn will you take? In a short debate which occurred in the United States House of Representatives on Friday last, Mr. Bates of Massachusetts reduced the anti-Indian interest to a sad dilemma. Id.

He regretted (he said) not to see the Chairman of the Committee on Indian affairs in his place. In this dark sea he thought the House had a right to know from the pilot by what course, or what star it was sailing. If the Indians are the citizens of the States and subject to the jurisdiction of the States as contended for, he would thank any disciple of the school of strict construction, or of any other, to show the authority of this Government to purchase their land, to remove or educate them, as proposed. Mr. B. said some of his constituents wished to sell their lands and remove, and would be very thankful if the Government would buy them out and aid in their removal. If the Indians are in fact independent nations, or tribes, as he supposed they were, then, no difficulty appears in the case; but if they are citizens of the States, wand subject to the jurisdiction of the States, he saw no power in the Government to interfere. The policy seems to be, to consider them as independent for all purposes beneficial to us, and as citizens for all purposes prejudicial to them.