Cherokee Phoenix

Copy of a letter to the editor

Published March, 5, 1831

Page 3 Column 5c

Copy of a letter to the editor.

VALLEY TOWNS Feb. 15, 1830

My DEAR BROTHER- With poignant sorrow, I communicate to you the intelligence of the death of my dear wife. She exchanged mortality for life, on Saturday, Feb. 5, 1831, about 5 o'clock in the evening; in full assurance of a glorious resurrection.

Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was her strong hold; and well did it sustain her hopes, in the trying hour; giving her the victory over the king of terrors.

She has been a faithful laborer in the Missionary field for ten years. And, in her last days greatly rejoiced, to witness the prosperity of her Savior's kingdom among the Cherokees.

She always cherished an ardent desire for the conversion of the Indians, and watched and encouraged, with the most tender concern, every symptom of turning to God among those who were placed under her care, or who came under her notice. She was also a diligent and well qualified teacher of youth. But the Lord has called her from her toils, and wiped all tears from her eyes, and chased all anxiety from her mind, and introduced her redeemed spirit.

'To mysteries of everlasting bliss,

The tree and fount of life, the eternal throne,

And presence chamber of the King of Kings.'

Yours in much affliction