Cherokee Phoenix

From the Augusta Chronical

Published December, 26, 1830

Page 3 Column 1b

From the Augusta Chronical

We have received the Land Bill, as printed before amendment, and all the proceedings on it since, but its length precludes us giving it in this day's paper. The amendments in the proceedings of Thursday, which we publish, are the most important.


In the House, this morning, Mr. CLEVELAND moved to reconsider so much of the journal of yesterday as relate to the vote against striking out the 15th section of the Land bill; which motion was rejected; yeas 56, nays 72.

The Land bill was taken up, and 16th section read. An ammendment providing that no person who has been connected with a certain vicious association called the Poney Club, shall be entitled to a draw in the Lottery, was offered and adopted.

Mr. RYAN offered an additional section, reserving to the State and the people, the free use of all water courses, for purposes of naviggation: which was adopted.

The 17th and 18th sections were read. 19th section read. A notion to strike out the word six, before months and insert four, was adopted.

The eight continuing sections were read, and passed without amendment. The 28th section was amended, by inserting after 'Governor is required,' the words, 'as soon as he shall deem it expedient.'

Mr. HOWARD of Baldwin offered a substitute to the 29th section, providing that the surveyors shall make a return of all lots on which the Indians reside; that such lots shall be put in a separate wheel and not drawn for till the Indian title thereto shall be extinguished, and the Indian occupants shall remove; which was rejected -- yeas 41, nays 86.

Mr. RYAN offered an amendment to the section, providing that the lots occupied by Indians, shall be drawn for, but not taken possession of by drawers, till the Indians shall remove; which was adopted.

The 30th section was stricken out.

The caption to the bill was amended, so as to express the protection of the Indians in their improvements.

The question was afterwards taken on the passage of the bill, and decided in the affirmative -- yeas 76, nays 55, as follows:

YEAS -- Adair, Aiken, Bacon, Bates, Beall of Franklin, Clack, Blackshear, Bowen, Bozeman, Brewster, Brown, Burnes, Calhoun, Carnes, Cleveland, Curry of Lincoln, Dikson, Drew, Easly, Fannin, Gholson, Griffin, Gropss, Hatcher, Hatten, Haynes, Hilliard, Hodges, Holland, Houston, Howard of Baker, Howard of Baldwin, Jackson, Johnson, Jones of Thomas, Jones of Warren, Kelly, King, Liddell, Long, Lovett, Lowe, Lucas, Mann, Mays, McDonald, McElvy, Murray, Neal of Newton, Neal of Wilkinson, Padget, Patrick, Perude, Powell, Rawlss, Reeves, Richardson, Robson, Ryan, Sheats, Smith, Snellings Stribbling, Taylor, Terrell, Terry, Towns, Townsend, Tuggle, Weitman, Wellborn, Welchell, Wilson of Warren, Winn, and Wofford. -- 76

NAYS. Adams, Atkinson, Barr, Blackwell, Bryan, Byne, Cartledge, Collier, Cone, Curry of Washington, Day, Dougherty, Finnie, Flewellen, Flourney, Graybill, Greene, Gresham, Hampton, Hardee, Hardman, Hazzard, Holt, Hopkins, Hudson of Jefferson, Hudson of Putnam, Jenkins, Jones of Jones, Jones of Liberty, Kellum Leonard, Lester. Loyall, Matthews, McClendon, McCraven, McRae, Northern, Oliver, Pearman, Pope, Price, Rea, Reid, Robertson, Simmmons, Strickland, Tankersley, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Williams, Wilson of Early, and Young. -- 55.

The bill has consequently passed the House, but it is hoped by its opponets, that it will be lost in the Senate.