Cherokee Phoenix

This issue of the Phoenix is published in four columns only

Published November, 6, 1830

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This issue of the Phoenix is published in four columns only.


Through the politeness of an acquaintance who attended the treaty just concluded with the Choctaw Indians, we gather the following details from notes taken at the reading of the treaty.

There shall be reserved to those who cultivate 50 acres each, not to exceed 40 persons 640 to those who cultivate 30 acres each, not to exceed 400 persons 320; to those who cultivate 30 acres each, not to exceed 400 persons, 480; to those who cultivate 20 acres each not to exceed 350 persons; 180 (?) to those who cultivate 12 acres each, not to exceed 350 person. 80 acres to persons who may not otherwise obtain one section to have each an additional half section.

All fatherless and motherless orphans will be entitled to acquire a quarter section to be selected by the President of the United States.

All families that may reside on the lands five years, will be entitled to a patent for one section to the head of the family (indecipherable line) child over ten years of age and a quarter section for all under ten years.

Three Chiefs are to have four sections each two of which shall join ' include their present residence ' two of (indecipherable) in unappropriated lands. Some 50 or 100 sections are specially granted to other individuals of the nation some of which shall include their improvements.

Two sections are granted to Allen Glover and George S. Gaines to be located on any unappropriated lands, to be sold and the proceeds to be credited on their Indian debtors accounts: the poorest Indian's account to be first paid off, then the balance, if any, to be credited on other Indian accounts in just proportions. An appropriation of 50,000 dollars is made for the support of common schools in the nation. 400,000 dollars, in twenty annual instalments of 20,000 each, is to be paid to the nation. Four Chiefs are to receive $250 each per annum, for 20 years.

If a republican form of government be adopted, one Chief is to receive $500 for twenty years. Three council houses and three churches to be paid for. The government agrees to support three preachers and three teachers for sixteen years; and to keep up three smith slaps for the same length of time. One wheel wright is to be supported for five years, while some other smaller payments are to be made to Speakers, Secretaries and Captains. The United States agree to secure to the Choctaw Nation their Arkansas purchase in fee simple, so as to exclude any State or Territory, hereafter to be laid off from the Choctaw reservation; while the Nation so formed is to be governed by its own laws, and protected from foreign invasion and strife by the United States. Each warrior is to be provided with a good rifle; and there is to be distributed among them 1000 wheels, 1000 ploughs, 1000 pair of cards, 1000 axes, and 1000 hoes.

The removal is to take place in three years; and the government is to pay for their stock at valuation: They are to be removed at the expense of the United States to their new country in steamboats and wagons, and support one year after their arrival.

Tuscaloosa Intel.