Cherokee Phoenix


Published October, 16, 1830

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1st Sept. 1830.

To the Committee and Council in General Concil convened.

I submit herewith a letter from the United State's agent in this nation, enclosing a document purporting to be a copy of a letter addressed to the Creek agent form the Secretary of War, and enclosed by him in a letter of Col. Ward, for the information of the Indians under his agency, and which Col. Montgomery believes was intended to be communicated to the Cherokees also, as he conceives them to be embraced in the 'opinions and arguments' it contains.



I have some days since received a letter from the Secretary of War, of which the enclosed is a copy. I for some time hesitated whether to send it to you or not, inasmuch as it is in the first place addressed to Col. Ward, and only directed to me on the envelope. But as he says, 'It contains the sentiments of the President, concerning the removal of the Indains, and further negotiation with them on that subject, and the course which in future is intended to be pursued, and that the opinions, and arguments, contained in it, are applicable to every tribe, which shall decline the liberal terms proposed by Congress' -- I have finaly concluded the Cherokees are embraced in it, as well as others, that notwithstanding the mistake in the direction, it would be wrong in me to withhold from them the information, opinions, and arguments which it contains. It is therefore enclosed and the serious reflection of the Cherokee, is requested, upon the subject to which it relates.

Very Respectfully

Your Obedient Servant,



Principal Chief

Cherokee Nation.