Cherokee Phoenix


Published October, 16, 1830

Page 3 Column 5e


STOLEN from the subscribers stable on the night of Monday the 16th instant a light sorrel gelding, about five feet high, nine or ten years old, with a flax mare and tail. He paces, canters and trots preity well, and had on when stolen, good shoes before, but had lost the shoe of his right hind foot. He has several small scars, occasioned by the biting of mules, one of which is on his right hind leg a little above the fetter lock joint. The thief may cut his tail and roach his main, in order to disguise him. He also took a Saddle, (nearly new) with common Stirup Irons, a Bridle, Martingals and a new cross barred blanket. Any person securing the horse and thief, so that the latter can be brought to justice shall receive the above reward; or Ten dollars for the Horse alone, with reasonable expenses, if delivered to the subscriber residing near the road leading from Washington to Augusta, seven miles above Haysville.

NB. The thief is supposed to be a man about 5 fee 8 or 10 inches high, sallow complexion, thin visage, about 30 or 35 years of age; and wore a quaker hat, old striped round-about, light coloured pantaloons, right and left shoes and ribbed sock, blue mixed.


Washington Geo. August 19, 1830