Cherokee Phoenix


Published September, 4, 1830

Page 3 Column 3c


Mr. Elias Boudinott, Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix

Sir:- On a late visit to Tennessee, I was informed by persons of unquestionable veracity, that there have been upwards of one thousand steers driven across the Highwassee River recently, on their way to the Eastern markets, which have been purchased from the citizens of this nation--from these poor starving wretches who subsist on fishes, roots etc. Is not this evidence sufficient to prove to the good people of the United States, that some of the members of Congress did most grossly misrepresent the true situation of the Cherokee people?

Upwards of four hundred of the above cattle were purchased by Maj. John White, who resides immediately on the Cherokee line, and who is a neighbor of Caleb Starr and August Heard. It is well known these two individuals made the most reprehensible statements, respecting the condition of the Cherokees, in reply to certain queries proposed to them by the Honorable Prior Lea.

It is reasonable to suppose that a people so blessed with stocks of cattle, hogs, 'c. as the Cherokees are, in every section of the country , would walk 20 or 40 miles to beg a peck of meat? A man that would misrepresent, in the face of such convincing facts, as many have done and are yet doing, must possess uncommon hardihood. We may suppose that nearly the same number of cattle have been purchased and driven from this nation to Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.