Cherokee Phoenix


Published July, 10, 1830

Page 3 Column 4a


To a gentleman in the Cherokee Nation dated,


As a fellow Christian and as a citizen of the United States, I feel deeply for the present situation of the Cherokee Nation. May the Lord of Heaven and of earth take them as individuals, and as a nation under his special care and protection.

You have made your appeal to the Congress of the United States, and to the people. All this is well, and I hope you will continue these appeals. There was a time when the patriots of the than British colonies made similar appeals to the British Parliament, and to the British Nation. The result in this case will, I hope, be different from what it was in that. The period I hope is still at a great distance when the mere recommendation of the Chief Magistrate or of his Minister at War will set at nought the good sense and the patriotism and the regard to public faith which pervades the understanding and the hearts of the great body of the American people.

But carry your appeal further. Go to the Court of Heaven. God be thanked, you have ready access there, and there is no adjournment of this court, and the number among you is increasing who know the way thither, and the mode of address. Let the praying Cherokees, as one man, be on their knees morning and evening; and through the whole of the day let their aspirations ascend to the Ruler of the Universe. Let them pray.

1. For wisdom to themselves, and to their chiefs, and to all their friends of every name, and in every place.

2. For absolute unconditional submission to the will of Heaven.

Let them in fact commit their whole cause without any reserve or condition to the disposal and management of their great Father who is in Heaven. It will be safe in his hands.

3. For those who may be their enemies, that the Lord, if it should be his will, would turn their hearts, as he changed the heart of Esau, in answer to the prayer of Jacob.

4. For the United States.- for the Government and the people.--that the Lord would be wisdom to all their wise men and strength and integrity to all their patriots.

The hearts and the plans of all men are under the control of the captain of our salvation, and prayer is the great weapon both offensive and defensive, which he hath put into the hands of his followers. This weapon has never yet been wielded in vain.