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The Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Saturday, June 19, 1830
Vol. III, no. 9
Page 3, col. 5c

The following persons are candidates for the General Council in Aquohee District.

For the Committee.
Spike Buck
Tho's M'Donold
Samuel Ward.

For the Council.
The Fire
John Wickliffe
Ball Town George
Robin Muskrat

Mouse Town, 3d June 1830
Mr. John Martin,
Sir, We stood bound to you for a permit for Samuel M'Junkin, therefore this is to inform you, that we can no longer stand for him, as his conduct is such that we do not feel a willingness to be bound for his future behaviour [sic], therefore we will feel ourselves no longer bound for him.
Jesse Bushyhead
Thomas Foreman
James Foreman.