Cherokee Phoenix


Published June, 5, 1830

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8th of June 1802

The undersigned deputation of Cherokee chiefs to Gen. Pickens and Col. Hawkins.

We are here on our business, we have to inform you we have settled our affairs with the Creeks, and now we address ourselves to you.--When people have a little of a thing they love to take care of it, we have but a little land, and we well know that you know where it is as well as we do ourselves, we shall rely on you two and on Congress for our rights. You all know and we know where the Tarpine sold the land; you know our lines and you run them, the people are over and going over.- I went to Congress last year at green corn time there I found Col. Wofford who claimed the lands where he lives as belonging to the Creeks, it done not belong to the Creeks. It belongs to the Cherokees.- We were told by the Secretary of War that Col. Hawkins was placed to take care of them, that he, with Gen. Pickens was to see the Cherokee righted if anything was wrong in their land. I have taken care of the people who settled over the line, they have raised their stock and made a good deal off our land. All we wish now is for those who have moved over the lie, to move back again. Let them go into the side of the white people we do not care how near they are to the lie o their own side, and their stock may come over after grass, this we care nothing about and they are welcome to it. The people about Jack Wards must be moved, we will move our people towards the old towns, and you must move the white people over to their own side, he is on Soque Branch of Chattahooche, Samuel Adair he is over the line, he is a half breed and raised among the white people. He live not far from Ocunne Mountain-Old Yonah he has a white woman and lives at the fork of Chotee and Soeque there are two families with him, they must move off to their own people.

You must take all I say in friendship, I want things straight. The doctrine from Congress have been to keep things right on both sides, we abide by it, and will assist to take care of our part and to assist each other. We told the Secretary at War (sic) we had our land already small, little enough to spread out our stocks on and to live on. We do not wish to settle out ourselves, we have yet a little game, but when that is gone, the Secretary at War told us to spread out on the Creeks and in the good land with our stocks, this we shall soon do. We are spinning and weaving. Col Hawkins told us to do this and we are glad of it, it is good,we have tried it, but we are not yet ready to spread out in our settlements, as we have as yet a little game.- Our lands extend as far as the head of Appalatche on the line, all westward we have to attend to and be answerable for, and if anything belonging to the white people should be over on our lands there it is safe, and if our young people commit any bad acts it(sic) that quarter we are answerable for them and to se and keep it straight.- The Cherokees are a people who take a little time to settle their affairs, we came have settle ours with the Cowetuhs and Cussetuhs,and as to ours with the white people we find no difficulty, and we have everything straight with them, this is what we told the Creeks.

I came down to listen to the Creeks and white people, and to settle the little business about the people over the line.






Richard Roe, Interpreter.

I certify the foregoing to be a true copy from the original.