Cherokee Phoenix

From the Nashville Whig and Banner

Published May, 15, 1830

Page 2 Column 4b

From the Nashville Whig and Banner.


Extract from a letter to the editor, dated,

Columbus, Miss. April 23.

You have no doubt heard of the great dissatisfaction that at present prevails among the Choctaws between the several districts, in consequence of the late proposition to Government for the sale of their lands, 'c.

At their late council held at Wilson's in March ult. two of their chiefs, Col. Fulsom and Mr. Garland resigned, and Col. Lafloer, as they say, was partially declared Chief or King of the whole nation,--it having been done by a minority of the natives thereof; and there being a great many opposed to selling at any price; and Lafloor having many personal enemies, in consequence (partly) of having their laws enforced, which are very severe, for drunkenness and other vices. The tattlers, therefore, had ample ground for indulging the news-carrying, and no doubt adding greatly thereto. The opposing parties are therefore violently incensed at each other, and the districts adjoining us, are hourly expecting the commencement of hostilities, and in fact there are various conjectures as to the final issue of this matter.

Yesterday morning a traveller, whose name is Hamlet, was shot in the nation about twelve miles below, on the Orleans Road, by some person in ambush; and from the intelligence received we were at first satisfied that the outrage was committed by Indians; we are however happy to say, that we are now convinced the Indians are clear, to the satisfaction of all persons, and that the offence was committed by a couple of trifling white men. They are pursued by active enterprising whites and Indians,and no doubt they are ere this arrested. The unfortunate man was shot in the left arm near the shoulder, and but for the bullet glancing by striking the bone would have been killed upon the spot; it ranged across the breast but without wounding the same. He suffers very much, we are however in hopes he will recover.