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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Vol. 3 No 3
Saturday, May 8, 1830
Pg. 4 Col. 4b

            Alabama-- The Grand Jury of Pike County at the late Spring Term of the Circuit Court, have presented "Philip Wager, a Brevet Major in the service of the United States, and now stationed at Fort Mitchell, for having issued a proclamation, ordering all white persons, not having permits or Indian wives, within the space of 15 days, to leave the country, once known as the Creek Indian Nation, by which fear and confusion among the white settlers have been created, operating materially to their injury and against the welfare of the county of Pike; the Grand Jury present also, "that there is no law to authorize the said Philip Wager issuing this proclamation, that the legislature of Alabama, by an act passed in the year 1829, incorporated the Creek Indians among the citizens of the State, and annexed their alleged territory to different counties in the State; that the State of Alabama, as a sovereign state, has alone the right to interfere with any white citizen who may be settled in any part of the country; that the said Philip Wager, and the soldiers under his command, are, themselves, while they remain in the said country, once known as the Creek Indian Nation, citizens of the state, and owe exclusive allegiance to it; and that the said proclamation is against the laws, the peace and dignity of the State of Alabama.