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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, April 14, 1830
Vol. II, no. 52
Page 3, col. 1b-5b

 The present number of the Phoenix closes our second years' labor-we must therefore present our thanks to our kind patrons for their past indulgence, and beg their aid for another year.  We feel grateful in noticing that our feeble efforts have been acceptable to our readers-we have done what we could to interest them, and as much as our limited capacity would permit us.  Our future exertions and ambition will still be, to deserve their indulgence and approbation.


 We understand the eastern mail which used to arrive at Springplace on Thursday is altered to Sunday, for which reason we are unable this week to lay before our readers any intelligence, particularly from the seat of Government.  As the discussion on the Indian question has probably, ere this commenced, we feel greatly disappointed in being deprived of our regular files of Washington papers.- By the present arrangement of the mails,papers and letters for this place, will, in future lie at Springplace from Saturday to Thursday.