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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, March 24, 1830
Vol. II, no. 49
Page 4, col. 2b-3a

 Indians in Indiana-  The Senate in Indiana have passed a resolution directing the Governor to inform the Indians residing within the limits of that state, through their Chiefs, that "at a certain period the laws of the state will be extended over them unless they emigrate."  Emigrate where, to the Moon?  Any other removal would never save them from the cupidity of their white brethren-we had better say white foes.  It has long been a trick played off by our government upon the red men of the forest, to hold out to them the idea that a removal; i.e. "getting a little farther," would better their condition and secure to them a permanent home.  Our hypocrisy has so manifested itself by acts of injustice and oppression in driving them from place to place from country to country, as moon-shine republicanism prompted, that the Indians now perfectly understand our meaning and are not disposed to believe us; and promptly tell their white brethren in their vicinity, that they are more accustomed to emigrating than the Indians, therefore, they had better remove themselves and leave the red men the ground and homes their Great Father above gave them.  It is now plainly seen by every observing mind, that the object of the cry " Get a little farther" that is echoed by Georgia, and Alabama, and has lately been sounded in Indiana, is to drive this oppressed and unhappy race of beings into oblivion.  They are to have "no rest for the sole of their foot" on this continent.  God is just & his vengeance will not always sleep.

      Danville Ky.  Olive Branch.