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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, February 24, 1830
Vol. II, no. 45
Page 2, col. 4a-Page 3, col. 1b

Some of our neighbors have such a contemptible opinion of us, that they must need not only abuse, but attempt to cheat us, by circulating among us counterfeit money.  Their failure in this piece of villainy, however, proves their own ignorance.  We have just seen one of these men in the custody of a gentleman from Hightower-he has been arrested for having counterfeit bills.  He no doubt, times being very hard in Walton County, Georgia, came to make a fortune upon the ignorance of the Indians, for a large bundle (quite an unaccountable thing these times) of these bills was found in his possession.  But the Cherokees are not such fools as that comes to-this man was found out in his first attempt at speculation, and is now taken to the agent to receive his reward.