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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, February 24, 1830
Vol. II, no. 45
Page 2, Col. 2a


 The Choctaws and Osages.- We regret to learn that these Indians have commenced committing acts of hostility against each other, which we apprehend may result in serious consequences to both parties, unless promptly checked by the proper authorities of the Government.

 A gentleman, who arrived here last week from Cantonment Gibson, informs us, that, a short time before he left that post, a party of Choctaws attacked a hunting camp of Osages, on the Canadian River, and killed seven of their number.  We also learn from the same source, that the Osages, some time since, stole a considerable number of horses from the Choctaws, and it is supposed that the late outrage on the part of the latter was intended as an offset or retaliation for the aggression committed on them by the former.