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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Vol. II, no. 43
Wednesday, February 10, 1830
Page 2, col. 3b

 At a numerous meeting of the citizens of New Haven, Con. on the 8th ult. Hon. Simon Baldwin being called to the chair, and Dr. A. S. Munson appointed secretary, a memorial in behalf of the Cherokees was adopted.  The following is the closing paragraph:-

 How far right or policy will warrant the State of Georgia to exercise legislation over the Cherokees, is a question we pretend not to discuss: but Indians are human beings, and have all the right which any portion of the human race can claim, to the kindness and justice of their fellow men.  Being too weak to defend their lands by arms, they are entitled to compassion, rather than contempt; and have therefore a claim to expect more from the justice & guardian care of the United States than they could expect from the exertions of their own power.  Under these circumstances, we have full confidence in the constituted authorities of our country, that a course of proceedings in regard to the Cherokees will be pursued which shall secure them in the undisturbed possession of their native soil, quiet their apprehensions, and preserve the character of the United States untarnished by dishonor.