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At a meeting of the citizens of Hartford on the 7th inst. of which the Hon. Nathaniel Terry was chai

Published February, 3, 1830

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At a meeting of the citizens of Hartford on the 7th inst. of which the Hon. Nathaniel Terry was chairman, and Seth Terry and Jonathan Edwards Esqrs. Secretaries; the following resolutions were adopted.

Resolved, That the American Indians, now living upon lands derived from their ancestors, and never alienated or surrendered by them, have a perfect right to the undisturbed possession thereof.

Resolved, That those tribes or nations of Indians which have remained upon their own soil, and under their own form of government, have a perfect right to retain or vary their form of government at their own pleasure.

Resolved, That these right of soil and sovereignty in themselves inseparable, are inherent in the Indians, and have been repeatedly guaranteed to them by Treaties with the United States.

Resolved, That the State of Georgia, by her public acts, has acquiesced in the treaties made between the United States and the Indian nations living within the limits of that State.

Resolved, That if the United States cannot maintain their treaties with the Southern tribes of Indians, to protect them from the usurpation of Georgia and Alabama, they have not the power, if they have the disposition, to protect them in any other situation to which they may be removed.

Voted, That Jonathan W. Edwards, Seth Terry, and Samuel H. Huntington, Esqrs. be a committee to frame and present to the citizens of Hartford, for their signatures, a memorial to Congress, containing the spirit of the foregoing Resolutions-and that the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the chairman and secretaries, and published.

For want of room we cannot publish the memorial this week. It shall appear in our next.