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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, January 6, 1830
Vol. II, no. 39
Page 2, col. 2c-3a

 The state of Alabama is about extending its jurisdiction over Indian territories, lying within her chartered limits.  The committee on Indians in the legislature have reported a bill, of which the following constitute the 12th and 17th sessions.  Alabama is not yet so far blinded by avarice as to follow the footsteps of Georgia in every respect.

 Sec. 12. And be it further enacted,  That it shall not be lawful for the citizens of the State of Alabama, or any other person or persons, citizens of the United States, or citizens or subjects of any foreign prince or power whatever, to settle upon or occupy any territory now in possession of any nation or tribe of Indians, or within the agreed boundary of any Indian nation within the State of Alabama; and if any person or persons shall presume to make settlement, or occupy any part of such territory, such person or persons shall be removed by the Sheriff of the country in which such territory is situated, and moreover, shall each forfeit and pay to the State of Alabama the sum of _______ dollars for each and every such offence, to be sued for and recovered in the name of the Governor for the time being, & his successors in office, by the solicitor who prosecutes for the State in such county, and such fine or fines shall constitute a part of the county funds.

 Sec. 17. And be it further enacted,  That the several nations or tribes of Indians residing within the limits of the State of Alabama, shall and may be governed by their own laws, usages and customs, not contrary to the provisions of this act, or laws hereafter to be passed or enacted by said State, having for their object and expressly providing for the government of the Indian tribes within the chartered limits of the State of Alabama.