Cherokee Phoenix


Published December, 10, 1829

Page 2 Column 2b


Came personally before me, A. H. Clayton, Judge of the Supreme Courts of the western Circuit of said State, Jesse Stancell, who, being duly sworn, deposeth and saith, that, on the nineteenth day of September, in the present year, eighteen hundred and twenty nine, at a certain place called Ellijay, in that part of the unlocated territory of the Cherokee Nation attached to and belonging to the County of Hall by act of the legislature for criminal jurisdiction, he, deponent, was arrested by certain Indians of said nation, by the names of John Sanders, George Sanders, Harry Downing, Riddle Crier, Old Hog, Overseer, John Love, Martin Smith, Pretty Woman, Young Duck, John Potatoe, Patridge and Dick Carey, and by the said Indians was detained in close custody for the space of thirty hours, and, after such detention and imprisonment, which was done forcibly and contrary to the will and consent of deponent, and without any legal authority, stripped, tied up to a tree, and inflicted on the bare back of deponent with large hickory switches fifty lashes, to the great effusion of his blood, the laceration of his back and sides, leaving deep wounds, gashes and bruises on the same; all which was contrary to the laws of said State, and without any provocation or justifiable cause.