Cherokee Phoenix


Published December, 3, 1829

Page 4 Column 5a


The Subscriber has for sale a quantity of CASTINGS, of almost every description; he will sell low for CASH or he will receive Hides, Deer skins, and all kinds of furs in exchange for them.

Jno. F. Wheeler.

Nov. 18, 1829



Is hereby given that the several shares of the Federal road will be let out to the lowest bidder, at my house, on Monday the 1st of December next, agreeably to a late resolution of the General Council.

I do hereby notify all who may be concerned, that those who have business with the treasurer, are required to attend on the days prescribed by law, that is Wednesdays and Thursdays.

JOHN MARTIN treas'r.

New Echota 10th Nov. 1829



From my house on the 1st day of October last, an old sorrel horse, very poor, large shoulders with a large scar on one, occasioned from a burn, other marks not recollected. Any person who will inform me where he is, will oblige.


Nov. 18, 1829