Cherokee Phoenix


Published October, 14, 1829

Page 2 Column 2c


We would recommend to the careful perusal of our readers the numbers, which are appearing on the last page of the Luminary, over the signature William Penn. An important crisis is at hand with the Aborigines of this country now pent up between Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. The tenure of their land is becoming precarious not from defect of title, but from the encroachments and superior force of their civilized and Christian neighbors. A question on this point is soon to be settled, which will affect the dearest rights and interests if not the existence of those nations as well as the character and honor of our own country. The subject should be examined and understood. The writer in the National Intelligencer, whose pieces we are inserting in our pages, evinces a determination to go to the bottom of the matter, and ability and candour (sic) to treat it as it should be treated. Everyone, who takes an interest in the legislative proceedings of his country, and in the just and honourable (sic) treatment of the original proprietors of this whole continent, should read these pieces of William Penn.

Western Luminary