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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, September 23, 1829
Vol. II, no. 25
Page 2, col. 4b

 "INDIAN HOSTILITIES.- It would seem that all the noise and tumult about Indian hostilities in the West has induced some of the Indians to look about them a little, and scour up their old knives against time of need.  This is perfectly natural, and almost necessary.  If our country should be suddenly invaded by a British army, as the Indian territory has been by an American army, very probably we should begin to stir ourselves a little, as the Indians have done in similar circumstances.  Not that they have resolved on war-there is no evidence of this whatever: and the fact that a Pawnee scalp has been brought in by some Delaware Indians, rather proves that a murder has been committed by the latter, than that an attack has been made upon them by the Pawnees.- After all, we believe it possible for the whites so to irritate and teaze [sic] their red neighbors, as to make them fight, even at the hazard of certain destruction: and this, we have the charity to suppose, is precisely what some of our fellow countrymen desire.
        Id. (Journal of Commerce)