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MR. BOUDINOTT- I give you below a copy of the Constitution of a Society which was formed at Brainerd

Published September, 23, 1829

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MR. BOUDINOTT- I give you below a copy of the Constitution of a Society which was formed at Brainerd, on the day of the examination of the schools, for the purpose of promoting the circulation of books in the Cherokee language. The strength of the Society is to be determined by efforts yet to be made. It is expected that similar societies will be formed around other stations of the American Board of Missions.

The Rev. Mr. Jones of the Valley Town (Baptist) Mission accompanies a request for 200 copies of the Gospel of Matthew with the following information.

' We have commenced the organization of a Society for the circulation of Scripture and such Tracts, Hymns, 'c. in the Cherokee Language as may promote the cause of Christianity. The people here are very anxious to read, and I think will do a good deal towards supplying themselves with books.'

Some of your readers will be glad to learn that 1000 copies of the Gospel of Matthew in the Cherokee Language have been printed, and that copies may now be obtained.



of the Brainerd Cherokee Book Society.

1. This Society shall be called the BRAINERD CHEROKEE BOOK SOCIETY.

2. Any person who pays any sum to the society may be a member for one year.

3. All the money of the society shall be expended in the purchase of Religious Books or Tracts in the Cherokee Language for sale or gratuitous distribution.

4. Every member who desires it shall receive half the value of his donation in Cherokee Books or tracts.

5. The Society shall meet every year on the ____________ and choose a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and ___________Collectors.- These all shall constitute an Executive Committee.

6. The President shall conduct the meetings of the Society and of the Committee, and call meetings of the Committee whenever it appears to him expedient.

7. The Secretary shall keep an account of all that is done, by the Society or by the Committee, and report to the Society at its annual meeting.

8. The Treasurer shall take care of the money of the Society, and expend it in the purchase of Books or Tracts according to the direction of the Executive Committee.

9. The Collectors shall visit people at their houses, or wherever they may be found, and solicit donations to the Society, which they shall pay over to the Treasurer.

10. The Committee shall direct what Books or Tracts shall be bought and shall sell or give away at their discretion, but shall give to such only as read the Cherokee language. All money received for the sale of Books or Tracts shall be expended in purchasing others for gratuitous distribution.