Cherokee Phoenix


Published September, 16, 1829

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The party of about 400 Creek Indians, whose arrival on the west side of the Mississippi, opposite Memphis, we mentioned two weeks ago, passed up through the Big Prairie, about a week since, on their way to the country assigned them up the Arkansas.

By the Post-rider from Pine Bluffs, arrived yesterday morning, we learn that the steamboat Virginia, having on board about 100 Emigrating Creeks, on her way up the Arkansas, run aground opposite the residence of Mrs. Embree, about fifty-five miles (by land) below this place, some days since, and had not got off when he left there. The Arkansas is at a low stage, and unless a rise takes place (which, from the present appearance in the weather, we have reason to expect) we are apprehensive that she will not get off soon.

Arkansas Gazette.