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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, September 116, 1829
Vol. II, no. 24
Page 2, col. 2c

 The Indian war in the state of Missouri, it seems, did not bear examination.  It was probably a common frontier trick to bring on hostilities, for the purpose of furnishing an apology for driving off the natives, and taking possession of their lands by right of conquest.  The amount of this controversy, as it would seem was, that on some occasion, the Indians killed a small number of hogs belonging to the whites; and in revenge the whites killed about an equal number of Indians -- which, according to any reasonable mode of estimating such property, might have been considered as no loss on the part of the Missourians.  But, like their neighbours in Kentucky, we presume they wished to "go the whole hog", and therefore attempted to bring on a war of extermination.   We are glad that they are once more defeated in their land speculation.  As for the expense of marching troops to fight the Indians, the United States will probably have to pay for that, and of course the state will have no cause of complaint, unless it be that they have lost their game.