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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, September 16, 1829
Vol. II, no. 24
Page 2, col. 2b

The Indian War, got up in the Western part of this state, without any adequate motive, unless it was to effect a diversion in favor of a few of the people's servants, whose zeal outruns their discretion, has ended, as we anticipated it would, in smoke.  Who pays the piper?  How are the claims of the thousand militiamen ordered into service by the Governor, to be adjusted?  Shall we have another appropriation, by Congress for property lost, captured or destroyed in the Ioway War, as was the case after the Winnebago disturbances?  Or, shall our citizens suffer, from the folly of their Governor, the loss of their time, and the inconveniences to which themselves, and families, were necessarily subjected?  We repeat it, all this paraphernalia and show of war was got up without judgment and without any knowledge of the circumstances, of the nature of the service to be encountered -- without enquiring, indeed, whether an enemy would be encountered at all.  Missouri Republican, August.