Cherokee Phoenix


Published September, 9, 1829

Page 2 Column 5b


The Augusta Chronicle says:

'We deeply lament the rash and mad policy which appears to actuate the Councils of the Creeks and Cherokees. If they persist in it, their utter annihilation will be the consequence.'

We trust says the Philadelphia Press, that no such indelible stain will disgrace our annals!- The cause of Slavery was brought upon us by the cupidity of others, but this would be brought upon us by our own most unrighteous deed.- For half a century the Government and People of the United States have been doing themselves honor by civilizing and christianizing the Indians. The tribes now to be exterminated are not only Agriculturalists but Manufacturers.- They have at length become what we wished them to be;- and are we now to sacrifice them to the cupidity or the hatred of a few men? Are Congress to be consulted in this matter? Or is the Executive to stride over the laws of humanity and of the land; to imbrue our hands in the blood of these unoffended and much injured Indians. Will not the People, before it be too late, cause their voice to be heard and to be repeated? Looking forward to the destiny of these poor wretches, and backward to the war of extermination which, even in our days, has been waged against these people, we cannot but exclaim- 'O! that we had at the head of the Government a man who could not look, with composure, on blood and carnage.' The blood of the innocent and unoffending will not sink into the earth like water into the thirsty sand.- Bal. Pat.