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Wednesday, August 26, 1829
Vol. II, no. 21
Page 2, col. 2b

Extract of a letter, dated
ATHENS, August 3d, 1829

 "I was exceeding sorry to see the censure which you cast, indirectly, or in advance, on Col. CROWELL, in your remarks on the statement of the Columbus Enquirer, in relation to the Indians and Col. C. published in your paper of the 25th ult.  It is true that that censure was founded on the presumption that the statement of the Enquirer was correct; and I have not the slightest doubt of your entire impartiality in the matter; but perhaps it escaped your memory for the time, that the Enquirer has been most bitterly hostile to Col. Crowell ever since its establishment, frequently using against him language of so unnecessarily violent and abusive nature, as could leave no doubt that the feelings which dictated it were at least as much of a personal as a public character.  It is extremely difficult, with such feelings, to bestow censure impartially, and with a view to the public good alone; and therefore those who possess them are not likely to be good authority in statements with which they may interfere, and particularly those in which they appear to do so.  Those who know Col. Crowell personally, and have judged impartially of his conduct as Indian Agent, must be deeply and regretfully sensible that few men have been more violently and unjustly assailed in the bitterness of party spirit, and for the mere sake of party success.  Immediately that I saw the statement of the Enquirer, I felt convinced of its improbability in general; and particularly of its injustice to Col. Crowell; and the counter statement of Col. C. and another person, as published in the Macon Telegraph of the 25th ultimo, (which I doubt not you have copied ere this) fully confirmed this conviction.- I trust too it will convince the public of the propriety of receiving with caution, hereafter, all remarks of the Columbus Enquirer which relate in any way to Col. Crowell." - Augusta Chronicle.