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By the same mail that brought to us the foregoing  "important intelligence," we received the following letter from Colonel Crowell:

  CREEK AGENCY, July 23d, 1829.

Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, August 12, 1829
Vol. II, no. 19
Page 2, col. 4b

DEAR SIR -- A paper published in Columbus Geo. has a publication on the subject of Indian hostilities, in which the Cherokees are implicated; this statement is given as coming from me.  The object of this communication is to ask of you the favour, should that article meet your eye, & should you give it a place in your paper, to state that you are authorized by me to say that the statement is entirely incorrect, and that no such expression, ever escaped me on the subject of the determination of the Cherokees. It is due to the public as well as to the authorities of the Cherokees, that I should correct the errors, which are in that publication, at least so far as I am concerned.  I have the honor to be your ob't serv't,
  JNO. CROWELL, Agt. for I. A.

  The Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix Echota.

 We hope the communication of Col. Will be considered sufficient to clear the Cherokees of the base and false charge, attempted to be palmed on the credulity of the public.  If any thing more is necessary, we would declare the above "important intelligence" utterly unfounded as regards the Cherokees, and intended to prejudice the public against the Indians; and, by criminal means, bring them to some desired collision with the whites.  We are confident many Georgians would not lament to see the Cherokees and Creeks resorting to "rash and mad policy," nor shed a tear to witness their "utter annihilation."  Some plausible pretext thus to annihilate the Aborigines of this country is earnestly desired by the authors of falsehoods and misrepresentations which are continually pouring forth to our injury.  We will here assure, the public that the authorities of this nation will pursue the same course of prudence and forbearance, which, be it said in their favor, they have uniformly observed.  If they are to be "annihilated" we believe it will not be in consequence of repeated insults and oppression, which they are now receiving from their persecuting neighbors.